Covid-19: Positive Impact

Covid-19 has really brought out the best in most people. Neighbours are friendlier and more willing to chat. More parents are outside walking and biking with their children. And it’s impossible not to be moved by the outpouring of support for essential workers at 7:00 each night. One reason the virus has brought out the best in people is because we suddenly realize how much we need one another. We are not meant to live in isolation. Our survival depends, and has always depended, on us living collectively. Suddenly, texting isn’t enough. Video games aren’t enough. We crave human contact. We need to see one another, touch one another, and interact face-to-face. On the news, a man built a plexiglass box for nursing home residents to sit in so they could sit face-to-face with friends and family. The joy on everyone’s faces as they put their hands on the glass to touch one another was priceless. One long-term, positive impact of Covid-19, hopefully will be that we forgo texting and choose to meet in-person. Perhaps facetiming will replace texting, so that people one again can see instantly, the impact their words have on one another.


Jenny DeReis, MC Psych., CCC

Walmsley EFAP