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Walmsley has partnered with many organizations and corporations to promote, establish and sustain a healthy, productive workforce. We get on board with a company’s goals and objectives and direct our programs towards a shared vision.

The account manager is available to meet with the employer’s representatives, EFAP committees, and other staff as required. The account manager is available to ensure services are delivered as requested, to problem solve any issues that arise, and to maintain contact and good relations with the client organization. Having an ongoing discussions and rapport with an account manager can assist you in selecting the array of services offered below.

Providing employees with an Employee and Family Assistance and Education Program is a benefit that, as an employer, you should take pride in. It shows commitment and concern for your employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Our job at Walmsley is not only to provide the service, but to ensure that the employees know about the service and how to access it.

Our awareness and education to employees begins immediately with brochures, wallet calendars, newsletter, and information and passwords to our website. A liaison counsellor will visit the worksite, if appropriate, to give an informational awareness talk and to introduce ourselves and answer questions. In addition to occurring at the start of the contract, these visits can occur periodically throughout the year, if appropriate. Not only do these visits capture new hires, they allow employees to become familiar with our services and counsellors, reducing barriers to accessing services.

We believe that employees are the most important asset to a company and both employees and their families need to be aware of their benefits. Walmsley takes a consistent and proactive approach to employee awareness of their EFAP. We endeavour to educate eligible family members about our services by a variety of methods including fridge magnets, participation in Company Health and Wellness Days, and sending home information at regular intervals. Healthy families make healthy, happy employees.

death of an employee, layoff, natural disaster, accident, violence, or other highly stressful situations. These services can also be developed with the assistance of employee representatives. Please login to read more.

Frequently employees who are off work due to an injury need to access counselling services.

Those employees who are off work due to a mental health issue such as stress/depression/anxiety have an even greater need for involvement in regular and consistent counselling services. In some cases, it is appropriate for the EFAP counsellor to do some outreach to encourage the individual to engage in the counselling process. This may involve visiting the employee in their home and meeting with other family members. Walmsley recognizes the importance of providing these services in a time effective, responsive manner and therefore we have become innovative in our approach in this area.

Managers, supervisors and Human Resource professionals may call Walmsley to discuss how to respond to an employee who is experiencing personal or family problems that are affecting their work. Senior counsellors with years of experience consulting with managers and HR professionals on complex employee workplace issues are available to respond.

Consultation is provided on a variety of work-related issues:

  • Anxiety & Fear Related to COVID-19
  • Lay-off Support
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Substance Abuse
  • Threats of Violence
  • Workplace Conflict

We assist managers and team leaders to mediate and manage conflict in a straightforward, supportive, and assertive manner. We brainstorm, problem-solve, and strategize to develop the skills necessary to manage conflict in challenging situations. When necessary, we can act as conflict mediator between individuals, teams, groups and departments. We are able to provide these services through either local counsellors or involving a counsellor from another locale Please login to read more.

With this in mind, Walmsley offers customized health and wellness workshops to support employees on their road to wellness living. Some ideas for workshops include: stress management, seasonal depression, anxiety, managing conflict, improving communication, meditation and relaxation, mindfulness, retirement planning, anger management, assertiveness training, compassion fatigue, and increasing emotional intelligence, to name a few.

Workshops are instrumental in positively affecting the workplace culture. Workshops can build a team oriented environment, contribute to cooperative working groups, and can increase the sense of community. Using information collected from our EFAP statistical data, we design workshops that address the issues identified by the employee population. This ensures that the workshops are always relevant to the employee group and tailor made to suit your individual needs.

In these situations, a letter specifying counselling as a condition of employment and signed by the employee is sufficient for reporting purposes. Otherwise, the employee will be asked to sign a consent for release of information to the employer. Reports are generated monthly and are normally limited to appointment history.

We provide: substance abuse awareness training to employees and managers; addictions counselling services; employee substance misuse assessments; monitoring of employees on last chance agreements; assistance with connecting employees to treatment centres and other local treatment resources; and follow-up counselling after treatment.

Substance misuse by employees causes many expensive problems for businesses. Please login to read more.

We empower management and employees with the skills necessary to effectively manage these changes. Change is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or crippling. Change is the necessary catalyst for growth. We have found that by strategically preparing managers and employees we can significantly decrease the stress associated with rapid change and increase organizational performance – regardless of what changes you might face. Please login to read more.

Having a professional service you can count on to assist the employee back on their feet and into the job market, is the goal of every caring and compassionate employer.

(CTS) is a professional career coaching service for employees facing termination. The CTS has associates and affiliate partners throughout Canada and North America. Our goal is to provide quality career management services that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Our associates provide extensive one-on-one support to ensure each candidate receives the highest quality service to get them back in the job market as quickly as possible. Our personalized services are designed to help the candidates take better control of their lives and careers. Please login to read more.