Beyond counselling
Just like you see different sides of your people, the Walmsley Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) sees your organization much the same way. So in addition to Counselling, we offer a wide, customizable and ever-evolving range of Wellness and Organizational Services to meet your diverse needs and opportunities. See our Resources for Employers for a full overview.

Uniquely collaborative
Our EFAP model, based on high professional standards and practices, strives to provide a confidential and collaborative program that best serves the needs of the organization, its employees and its employees’ families. Master’s level counsellors are selected for their experience and competency in the EAP field. They are members of a professional association and prescribe to a rigorous code of conduct.

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More input, better output
We’ve learned that an EFAP works better when the people using it are part of it, giving their input, advising on needs and opportunities, and making their worksites aware of its existence and benefits. Workplace EFAP advisory committees can be instrumental in improving the effectiveness of the services, and workplaces are encouraged to participate in things that make the EFAP not just work better, but work better for the specific worksite: needs assessments, selection of counsellors, and awareness and prevention activities.

We look wider
The Walmsley approach also looks at the wider social or cultural issues affecting the workplace and employees. With this in mind, we encourage employers to seriously consider wellness activities, which have been proven time and again to help remedy the issues that may be affecting individual employees, their families and the worksites themselves.

Finally, we provide an ongoing and proactive feedback and evaluation for all the services we provide, to all clients. It’s one of the things that employers appreciate and call out about us.


Substance misuse referrals, follow up and case management are integral parts of the Walmsley EFAP service.

Walmsley takes a case management role with employees who have completed alcohol/drug treatment. This may mean meeting with the employee on a regular basis and ensuring his/her recovery program is in place or maintaining contact and making referrals to community agencies as appropriate.

Employees call the 1-800 number and intake staff match the employee with the most appropriate counsellor in the area. Employees can self-select counsellors by viewing their biographies on our website. Service is provided in Walmsley offices or the counsellor’s private office.

Sessions are generally available Monday to Saturday, both evening and daytime depending on the location and on counsellor availability during specific times. Walmsley recognizes the need to provide services outside regular business hours. Crisis counselling sessions are provided within the same day. If necessary, counselling will be provided over the phone. After hours, emergency calls are put directly through to a counsellor by our answering service.