Walmsley offers an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that includes Counselling, Wellness and Organizational Services. Our EFAP model strives to provide a confidential, collaborative program that best serves the needs of the organization, their employees and their employees’ families.

Walmsley EFAP counselling service is based on high professional standards and practices. Master’s level counsellors are selected for their experience and competency in the EAP field. They are members of a professional association and as such prescribe to a code of conduct for the profession. The Walmsley EFAP operates in consultation with the consumers of the service by way of communication and dialogue with the work sites. Workplace EFAP advisory committees can be instrumental in overseeing the effectiveness of the services. Workplaces are encouraged to participate in such aspects as needs assessments, selection of counsellors, and awareness coordination and prevention activities. Services provided by Walmsley are also intended to look at the wider social or cultural issues affecting the workplace and employees. With this in mind, implementation of Wellness activities are encouraged to assist in addressing the issues that may be affecting individual employees or their families. There is an ongoing feedback and evaluation process for all services provided.

Walmsley EFAP service also recognizes that employers have specific needs separate from their employees. Please see our Organizational Services for further information.
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Employee and Family Assistance Program FAQ


Does Walmsley offer specialized services i.e. substance abuse referrals?

Substance abuse referrals, follow up and case management are integral parts of the Walmsley EFAP service.

How are service provided to our employees? Do you use a 1-800 number or referral network?

Employees call the 1-800 number and intake staff match the employee with the most appropriate counsellor in the area. Employees can self-select counsellors by viewing their biographies on our website. Service is provided in Walmsley offices or the counsellor’s private office.

What kinds of aftercare or support services are offered to employees who have completed treatment?

Walmsley takes a case management role with employees who have completed alcohol/drug treatment. This may mean meeting with the employee on a regular basis and ensuring his/her recovery program is in place or maintaining contact and making referrals to community agencies as appropriate.

Is counselling available evenings and weekends? When are crisis counselling sessions arranged?

Sessions are generally available Monday to Saturday, both evening and daytime depending on the location and on counsellor availability during specific times. Walmsley recognizes the need to provide services outside regular business hours. Crisis counselling sessions are provided within the same day. If necessary, counselling will be provided over the phone. After hours, emergency calls are put directly through to a counsellor by our answering service.


Comments Related to First Call

“Called on Friday, appointment made for Monday.”

“The counsellor made me comfortable (as well as the receptionist). Clear understanding of my constraints was shown.”

“I was very surprised at how quickly I was able to get an appointment.”

“Was able to get in the next day.”

“I was very happy that we were able to see someone that same day and that evening appts were available.”

“Our appointment was cancelled due to counsellor’s illness but we really needed to talk to someone immediately and they got us in right away.”

“Effort was made to work with my schedule.”

“Quickly – no long wait period.”

“VERY confidential and personable and quick.”

“Within minutes of my first call I had an appointment.”

“Thank you for such prompt service.”

“We needed an evening appointment so I was happy that this was arranged…”

Corporate testimonials

“We have had them presenting on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and provide tips on coping with these situations. The information they have provided to our staff has benefited them and keep them productive and at work.”

“Having an EAP provider such as Walmsley & Associates with professional counsellors allows our staff the ability to access appropriate mental health services when needed in all our communities. It builds on our employee & community engagement strategy by strengthening a positive workplace environment and contributes to keeping services in the community.”

“We provide each location with posters, and send out both paper and electronic newsletters to all staff.”

Rita Harder Manager, Human Resources & Communication Integris Credit Union ~~~~~~~~


“…quick access to quality counselling helps employees stay focussed on their jobs, they are in the communities.”

“…are willing, able and desire to provide assistance to various committees and staff groups.”

“professional, caring, compassionate, reasonably priced, prepared to take on challenging cases on top of the general EFAP services.”

“I’ve always found Garth and his work group to be first class professionals who have risen above and beyond my expectations of most EFAP service providers.” Ron Morley Superintendent Canadian Forest Products

Comments Related to First Counselling Session

“I feel like my problem is totally resolved, because of my counsellor.”

“I was able to go home and use the words effectively, as I was not able to find the right words needed, she helped me to unscramble my thoughts.”

“Helped me realize I needed to change who I was.”

“It gave me alternatives in the community and a referral.”

“I felt that [counsellor] was very kind and caring, and made suggestions in a very practical way.”

“Received useful feedback and ideas to put into practice.”

“The counsellor gave me lots to think about and work on; she was very knowledgeable and attentive.”

“She was very easy to talk to. The things she suggested I do helped me greatly. This was very good for me.”

“Awesome I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“The counsellor’s neutral stance was very helpful in the discussion we both gained a lot from the meeting.”

“I found since my first session I’ve been much more productive at work!”