The post Covid-19 workplace – Coping with the new normal (3-part series)

Part 3: Financial Health

This third part of the post COVID-19 workplace takes a look at how to support your employees’ financial health.

Financial health is most affected by employees thinking they cannot afford to be home sick. Yet with a potential second wave of COVID-19 expected & no vaccine before 2022, employees need to know that staying home is vital. Pre-screening messages for the signs & symptoms of COVID-19 need to be posted & shared with employees, as they are at clinics, hospitals, public transportation & other businesses.

Employees in British Columbia may take an unpaid job-protected leave of absence for as long as necessary, if they are unable to work for reasons related to COVID-19 ( In Alberta, employees have job-protected unpaid leave of 14 days (

Providing on-going communication with employees is important; ensuring that employees know about provincial & federal benefit programs, and other options that may be available.


Jocelyn Herrett, DSW, RSW

Senior Mental Health Clinician

Walmsley, EFAP