The post Covid-19 workplace – Coping with the new normal (part 2)

PART 2 Mental Health

Mental health issues can be triggered (or worsened) by the COVID-19 pandemic, as we know. Whether working remotely, or back in the workplace, employees need to feel psychologically safe and healthy. Here are a few ways employers can help their employees:

  • Listen to your employees’ concerns and advise of measures taken to protect them.
  • Give employees time to adjust and offer them more control of their work, where possible.
  • Remind employees about their EFAP service.
  • Offer regular team meetings; enabling employees to share challenges and offer support.
  • Provide employees with additional support around identifying fellow-employees who are struggling.
  • Offer your employees plenty of praise and recognition for their efforts.

Additional resources

New resources relating to protecting your mental health during COVID-19 are continually being developed, with links provided below (and will update regularly as new resources become available):


Jocelyn Herrett, DSW, RSW

Senior Mental Health Clinician

Walmsley, EFAP