The post Covid-19 workplace – Coping with the new normal (3-part blog)

PART 1 Physical Health

During these challenging times employers want to be sensitive to their employees physical, mental, and financial health. The first blog in this series will look at how employers can support employee physical health at the workplace.

For employees who will continue to work remotely, this can mean that their home life will be dramatically impacted for the long-term.

Employers can help employee’s physical health in the following way:

  • Enable them to continue to set flexible work hours.
  • Encourage them to create a comfortable and ergonomically safe, home office space.
  • Provide them with tips on how to work from home effectively; such as lighting, background images for virtual meeting, using headphones to block out other noise, etc.
  • Provide clear and reasonable expectations for their workload; keeping in mind that they may have children at home.
  • Schedule regular video meetings (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype among others) to help employees remain connected to their colleagues.
  • Establish and communicate clear physical distancing and hygiene requirements in the office.
  • Continue to review and refine your company policy regarding sick time and flex time.
  • Remind employees about their EFAP services for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Consider offering mangers custom workshops, via your EFAP provider.

Offering transparency during these difficult times, can build trust and loyalty with employees.


Jocelyn Herrett, DSW, RSW

Senior Mental Health Clinician

Walmsley, EFAP