Emotions & Coronavirus Lockdown Rebellion

In the news recently there have been stories of people actively defying self-isolation orders. Debates are erupting between co-workers, friends & family members about the benefits & cost-analysis of the strict lock-down measures. The temptation is to take a strong position on one side & view the other side as wrong, reckless, or even dangerous. The reality is, we are all afraid & reacting out of our fear. We just differ on what we fear. Some people fear the health threat that Covid-19 imposes, for themselves and those they love. Others fear their financial security & the security of their loved ones. The threat of economic ruin looms largest for those who are out of work or whose businesses or investments are suffering. Health fears are largest for those who are in a high-risk group or whose loved ones are in a high-risk group. We’re on the same side. We all want to be safe & we all want to return to normal as soon as possible. Part of how we can take care of each other during this pandemic is to cultivate compassion for those whose fears are different from our own.


Jenny DeReis, MC, Psych, CCC

Walmsley EFAP