Supporting the Less Resilient During Transition

As we begin our slow transition into our new normal, there will be those who are less resilient and who struggle to re-engage after weeks of COVID-19 isolation. Those who can’t wait to return to “normal” may push up against those who are resisting the move forward. For two months we have been told that strangers as well as family members can pose a serious risk to our health. Those with underlying health conditions or with family members with underlying health conditions have been told that they are at serious risk of dying from this virus. It will be difficult for many to feel safe again until there’s a treatment or vaccination.

Supporting our less resilient and more vulnerable community members means letting go of judgment and appreciating the fact that we have not all experienced COVID-19 in the same way. Compassion, respect, and a willingness to hear will help others to take small steps towards re-engagement. The ability to listen without judgment, to avoid advice unless offered, and to trust others internal wisdom is a beautiful gift we can give to each other during the difficult months ahead.

Jenny DeReis, MC Psych, CCC

Walmsley EFAP