Walmsley is a Canadian company that provides Professional Counselling Services, Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Services, and Wellness Initiatives. Walmsley provides comprehensive Employee and Family Assistance Programs to a variety of public and private sector organizations. The business success is directly related to relationships with both employers and a vast network of counsellors. The services not only focused on counselling intervention but wellness initiatives and services to the organization as a whole therefore taking a holistic approach to service delivery. The company has distinction from other EFAP service providers because of these qualities.

Walmsley is of the view that the emotional health and well-being of each individual employee is essential in working towards the organization’s mission statement. The organization’s effectiveness and viability in reaching this mandate can be affected when work related stresses and/or personal problems influence employees’ work performance or productivity. Personal problems such as depression, marriage breakdown, problems with children, and alcohol or drug use all have an impact on how an individual performs on the job. These issues often manifest themselves at the worksite as an inability to concentrate, interpersonal conflicts, diminished motivation, absenteeism, and lateness. When the personal problems of employees or those of their family members are not addressed, the organization is affected both in terms of productivity and effectiveness of work performance, as well as costs associated with termination, re-hiring, training or legal fees. When employees have easy, confidential access to counselling services, an Employee and Family Assistance Program can be an effective tool to deal with employee and family problems.