Who is Counselling For?

During the normal course of life, individuals, couples and families may experience a difficulty or crisis in relationships, dissatisfaction with life, grief, depression and anger. Many of these difficulties are understandable given the personalities and life experiences of the individuals involved. With some assistance, these events can be a turning point in our lives and create a foundation for greater fulfillment in the future. We believe that individuals generally have the ability to sort out their own problems but may require some assistance to do so.

What Can I Expect From a Counsellor?

Your counsellor will assist you to identify the issues and work towards solutions. We generally use a collaborative model of therapy and you can expect to develop a relationship with your counsellor. Your counsellor will remain objective and professional. You will be given guidelines and suggestions in the process of change or recovery and you will be encouraged to ask questions and decide what is useful. We recognize and encourage individuals to draw on other resources and we assist people to develop their own network of support. You may be provided with information and referred to specific books or resources.

As individual problem usually develop over a long period of time, a number of sessions may be required to address these issues.

How Do I Know the Counsellor Knows What She/He is Doing? Read more…

The counsellors at Walmsley take their work very seriously and have made efforts to be educated and qualified in the field. They are members of professional associations and adhere to a professional code of conduct. They are involved in peer consultation with other professionals and are involved in ongoing education and training. Please ask your counsellor about his/her training.

Will Others Find Out If I Am in Counselling?

Walmsley makes every effort to ensure that no one is aware of your involvement in counselling. In certain situations, such as abuse of a child, criminal offence, or risk to self or others there is a requirement by law that a counsellor reports to the appropriate authority. In situations where a counsellor receives a subpoena, the counsellor must comply with providing information to the court. No other information can be released unless you have signed a written consent giving your permission. Your situation may be discussed with another counsellor during consultation, however, no identifying information will be revealed.

What Is the Cost?

Counselling services are not covered under the Medical Services Plan of BC. Occasionally costs are covered by extended health benefits plans – check with your provider. Please call us about our current rates.