COUNSELLORS | WALMSLEY VALIDITY COUNSELLING | Work Phone: 236-331-6106 | Email: | Address: 1512 Queensway Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1L7






The following counsellors are available to see clients:

  • Jenny DeReis, MC Psych, CCC
  • Ida Alleman, MSc, RCC
  • Sean Hogan, MA, CCCQ
  • Mirrell Dejardins, MEd.,CCC
  • Parul Kathuria, MSW, CCPA
  • Tricia Wright, M.Ed., RCC


Biographies can be viewed through the website by clicking this link -Validity Counselling 



Contact Walmsley: If you are covered under an Employee and Family Assistance Program administered by Walmsley and are either calling for the first time or are wanting to change counsellors, please contact Walmsley first. If you have already registered with Walmsley or are prepared to pay for services, you may contact this counsellor at the number above.