Covid-19 Resources

Walmsley Employee and Family Assistance Program has created a list of helpful resources related to mental health, coronavirus, government resources, as well as, mindfulness and anxiety reduction tools.  Please feel free to share these with your colleagues, family and friends, if you feel they may be helpful.

We encourage you to practice compassion and self-compassion as we maneuver through these unchartered waters.

Government of Canada

Canadian Mental Health Association -Covid-19 and Mental Health

Government of Canada – Coronavirus (Covid-19): Awareness Resources

Government of Canada – Covid-19 Economic Response Plan

Government of Canada – Coronavirus disease (Covid-19): Digital Resources

YouTube Resources

*Try out these YouTube videos for stress reduction

Mindfulness Meditation

Psychoactive Hypnosis

Happiness and Inner Peace Guided Audio Hypnosis Meditation

Tree of Life Guided Meditation for Grounding

Calm Down A Guided Meditation

Guided Grounding Meditation

Mindfulness Apps

  • Calm
  • Mindshifts (for teens)
  • Headspace
  • De-Stressify