Anxiety in Children

Children are significantly impacted by the coronavirus. It’s important to talk honestly and openly with them about Covid-19, stressing ways in which they can keep themselves and others safe. Children do best with routine and structure so finding a predictable pattern for the day will help ease some anxiety and uncertainty. Children miss their friends, grandparents, and extended family, and may need help finding ways to stay connected. Children are amazingly resilient and many will adjust to their new normal. However, some kids will show signs of anxiety and distress. Preschool children may regress to past behaviours such as thumb sucking, wetting the bed, or baby talk. Other children may experience increased aggression or emotional outbursts. Some children may develop fears, anxiety, or sleep disturbances. It’s important to see these behaviours as distress in children rather than active attempts to be defiant. Showing concern and compassion can help children move through these difficult moments. You can check out the government’s website at Anxiety Canada or talk to a counsellor about your concerns.

Jenny DeReis, MC Psych, CCC

Walmsley EFAP