Resiliency During Transition

Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly after a difficult situation. Resiliency will be critical over the coming weeks and months as we adjust to our new reality. However, our resiliency is influenced by such factors as age, past traumas, coping abilities, and the level of direct impact we have from COVID-19. A successful transition requires not only that we increase our own resiliency, but that we accommodate those who may be less resilient.

We can increase our own resiliency by staying positive. Even in these difficult times we can keep our humour, focus on gratitude for what we do have, and maintain an attitude of compassion and hope. A strong support system builds resiliency by giving us a sense of belonging and provides comfort during difficult times. We can also build resiliency by taking care of our physical health. We are more resilient when we exercise, eat right, limit drugs and alcohol, and get enough sleep. Fostering healthy coping strategies and finding a greater purpose in life will increase resiliency. A combination of good mental health and physical health will see us through the difficult months ahead.


Jenny DeReis, MC Psych, CCC
Walmsley EFAP