Accessing Counselling Services During Covid-19

It’s only natural that our mental health can be adversely affected during these emotionally stressful times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping informed about the ever-changing situation via reliable sources; World Health Organization and the Canada Public Health is very helpful. Following important health advisories, related to hand-washing, social distancing, self-isolation and travel notices is vital. Equally important is taking time each day for your own mental health care and relaxation away from the stress of the current situation. Reaching out to your Walmsley EFAP Counsellors and others for emotional support for both you and your family members, who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and stress at this time is also very important.

In person counselling sessions have always been the first option provided by Walmsley EFAP services. However, at this time our counsellors are offering virtual counselling services. Counsellors will work with clients to choose the most suitable platform for them. This strategy is intended to support social distancing and lower in-community public density. It can feel awkward if employees haven't used these formats before, however this type counselling has proven to be just as effective. The team at Walmsley, EFAP is here to provide you and your families with the support you need during this very difficult time. Our administration, office & telephone lines remain open; our regional staff are working from home and are available for virtual consultation with our corporate clients and partners.

Garth Walmsley, MSW, RCC & CEO
Walmlsey EFAP