Over the years, interest has grown steadily in holistic health throughout North America. There is now widespread understanding of “holism” as a term applied to wellness. The four elements thought to comprise holistic health—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual are given equal weight.
In its simplest form, holistic health includes of all four of these aspects. Each is equally important to the "whole person" approach to a productive life and a sense of contentment. To some people, the idea of "getting healthy" involves putting more emphasis on physical health. They tend to focus only on diet, exercise routines and cutting back on alcohol or cigarette use. This is a wonderful start, but it is important to remember the other three parts are just as important. The decision to embrace holism is the start of an interesting journey.
The World Health Organization has declared April 7 as World Health Day.
Become a whole person,
in mind, body, spirit
and emotions.